Tour of the Monopoly Board

Tour of the Monopoly Board

Don’t just play the game, but live the game! Throw yourself into the board game and visit each location on the board!! From the posh and glamaorus Mayfair districts to the depths of either Whitechapel, once walked by the infamous Jack the Ripper, or Fleet Street that was once the banking and paper press district. Whatever your favourite colour or area in the game (hopefully not the Jail one!!!) you’ll get to immerse yourself into a real life Monopoly Board. Aboard the taxi into a Monopoly World, you will be greeted with an envelope of 260m (Monopoly money that is!!!)  On the first roll of the dice the player (you the passengers) will dictate our first location to visit.  Once at the location, you will be asked by the Banker (the driver) 3 multiple choice questions about that area.  There is only one correct answer.  Should you choose the correct one, you keep 10m of the Monopoly Money.  If you get the question wrong, you pay the banker 10m.  During this 3 hour tour, your aim as the player is to save as much of the money as possible.  At the end of the tour, whoever has the most money will be the winner of the game!!! We will be stopping for photo opportunities and refreshment breaks should you wish. Ready to roll the dice and play?  Who will win, you the player or the banker?


Duration: 3 Hour Tour

Passengers: 1-6 Passengers

Age: No age restriction

Pick up Point - A London Station. * Price can be adjusted to accomodate a different pick up/drop off point.

  • Booking

    If you would like to book this tour, please get in touch with us with dates that you would like to book in for.  We will get back to you with a list of conifrmed available dates.

    You can either purchase this tour online or pay for the tour on the day direct with the driver.

    * Please note Tours are subject to availability and also subject to any planned road closures.  We will of course advise you if necessary of any dates that we are notified of by TFL for any planned closures.

    Should you wish to re-schedule a planned tour with us, please do give us 48 hours notice.