Interactive London Quiz

Interactive London Quiz

For all you Quizy people out there, don't just see London - but feel part of London and learn as you see.  Take part in an interative quiz whereby you race against 'Big Ben'!!! You have 2.5 hours to complete this quiz, with subtle hints and clues.  You direct the driver to go where you need to go in order to complete this quiz.  Eye Spy with the London Eye? Have you got what it takes to beat the quiz and be an expert on London and it's history?  


This quiz can be customised according to the age range of our passengers.  This quiz can be played by 1-6 players/passengers.


Duration: 2.5 Hour Tour

Passengers: 1-6 Passengers

Age: No age restriction

Pick up Point - A London Station. * Price can be adjusted to accomodate a different pick up/drop off point.

  • Booking

    If you would like to book this tour, please get in touch with us with dates that you would like to book in for.  We will get back to you with a list of conifrmed available dates.

    You can either purchase this tour online or pay for the tour on the day direct with the driver.

    * Please note Tours are subject to availability and also subject to any planned road closures.  We will of course advise you if necessary of any dates that we are notified of by TFL for any planned closures.

    Should you wish to re-schedule a planned tour with us, please do give us 48 hours notice.